Our Mission Statement

To be the BEST Community Association Management Firm in Arizona! Protecting Home Values, While Serving the Community! We pride ourselves in our Core Beliefs…..Honesty, Integrity and Transparency!

We Truly are Families Serving Families!

Who We Are

Lighthouse Management has been providing community management services for over 20 years. Our family business has deep roots in the community management industry here in Arizona. Leisure Life Management was established in 1995 by Leanne Rye’s parents, Leon and Carol Rye. Early on, they recognized the necessity for a governing body to ensure that the management of Homeowners Associations was conducted professionally and that the highest ethical standards were adhered to within the industry. Leisure Life Management is a proud founding member of the Arizona Association of Community Managers (AACM).

After Leanne Rye started her professional career in Accounting with a Fortune 500 company, the opportunity presented itself to utilize her experience and knowledge within her parent’s business. In 2002 she began working with Leisure Life Management. This practice at that time outsourced all of the accounting functions for the Associations and Homeowners, which was normal within the industry at that time. By creating and developing our accounting department from the ground up, we were able to create a streamlined and seamless system which greatly benefited our homeowners and our Board Members. Throughout her career in the HOA Management industry, she has had the opportunity to perform every function within the organization, from Administrative Associate to Association Property Manager to Accounting Manager. These unique experiences helped her gain an insightful perspective to the needs and desires of Homeowners and Board Members.

After assuming ownership of the business in 2010, Leanne created a new company, Lighthouse Management. This change has provided our staff members, and the communities that we serve, with a renewed focus on the values and ideals we share. We have established a progressive vision for our future and solidified a clear direction for our continued service delivery.

Christopher Mc Guire was hired as a Community Manager by Leisure Life Management in December of 2005. I found myself excited to learn the HOA industry and quickly realized that a career in community management was a natural fit! Over the years, I have furthered my knowledge and expertise in the industry by attended classes, seminars, meetings and functions, culminating receiving the distinction of CAAM through the Arizona Association of Community Managers. All this has helped provide me a great foundation upon which to grow as an individual and employee of Lighthouse Management. My growth in the company has continued with a promotion to Director of Managers in 2010, promotion to Vice President in 2011, partners with Leanne Rye in 2013, and ultimately becoming sole Owner in 2016. This change in ownership has been in the works for some time, and has allowed Leanne to ultimately retire from the industry and pursue other life aspirations.

As Owner of Lighthouse Management, Christopher brings to bear an extensive history of achievement, and enjoy utilizing my background in customer service, conflict resolution and customer satisfaction to enhance the service our company can provide to you.

Lighthouse Management manages a vast variety of Associations, from small exclusive gated communities to large-scale developments. We serve all areas of the valley, but have chosen to primarily focus on communities in the West Valley. The strategic advantages this provides our Associations is the ability to rapidly address pressing concerns, and provide timely and efficient management response. An added benefit is that our Community Managers spend less time on the road driving, and have more time to focus on your community.

More so now, than ever, the primary focus of the management of a Community Association needs to be centered on the preservation of the financial well-being of the Association and special emphasis placed on protecting the assets of your community. Secondarily, the establishment or re-creation of the sense of community that so often is lacking or has been lost within our society; where neighbors are once again real neighbors! Involved and engaged neighbors are developed through fostering relationships based upon mutual respect.

There are four critical components to the effective management of your community;

Management Services - Our CAAM Certified Association Managers oversee every aspect of the day to day operations of your Association.

Accounting Services - Our accounting team handles all accounts receivable, accounts payable and manage and supervise every aspect of your community’s financial well-being.

Support Services - Our administrative teams ensure that all “behind-the-scene” duties and functions are completed in a timely and efficient manner.

Communication - Effective, timely and clear communication, in every form, is the cornerstone to providing the level of professional services your Association and homeowners deserve and expect.

These services are completed with HONESTY, INTEGRITY and TRANSPARENCY!

We are very excited to have the opportunity to show you the unique and service oriented processes that we have developed that will be advantageous to your community as a whole, and fulfill your needs and desires as a Board of Directors. We are confident that you will find our balanced approach to managing your community to be both refreshing and innovative.